Until recently, one of the things that the neonatal unit at UCLH really lacked was a quiet room to allow doctors to talk to families and have confidential conversations.

Previously, these were held in medical areas or shared offices with interruptions and a complete lack of privacy. Through support from charitable funds, a room has been designed, decorated and furnished to meet the needs of parents and families.

Dr Giles Kendall, clinical lead for neonatology, explained, “The work of a neonatal intensive care unit may involve the happiest or saddest moments that families can experience.

“Key to us supporting families through this emotional roller coaster is good communication. Having a private, quiet space to talk with parents and share information about their babies is essential.

“When I am talking to families in our new quiet space, it feels like we are a world away from the medical environment of the unit. It allows conversations and discussions to happen with privacy and dignity.”