Thanks to charitable funds, every cot on the UCLH neonatal unit has a special chair beside it for parents to sit comfortably whilst spending time with their baby.

Previously, parents either sat on wooden stools or a sparse selection of mismatched office chairs. Not only were these uncomfortable but many were also unsuitable for the (significant numbers of) mothers who had had caesarean sections or who wished to breastfeed.

The 33 special chairs, which have been bought over recent years, cost £1,000 each. They are comfortable and lock in reclined positions, which allows parents to hold their babies for longer. It also supports Kangaroo Care; something that is good for babies and parents alike.

Paul, whose baby Felix was a recent patient of the UCLH neonatal unit, says: “Kangaroo Care helped me bond with Felix and helped him feel comforted, protected and loved. Felix loved Kangaroo Care and it is something I could do every day to help his development.”